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Why E-bikes, and why us?

Hello from ADIR, the electric bicycle company! Founded by two brothers living in Southern California, the idea began when Paul’s enjoyment of mountain biking grew beyond a simple “healthy hobby” into a total lifestyle shift- from a part-time hobbyist mountain biker to what can only be described as an e-bike obsession. Years of experience on the trail showed time and again how critical it was that any bike he or his family would ride needed to be made with parts that could withstand more than normal wear and tear, these had to be vehicles, tested to exceed the standard measures of strength, they also had to be safe and comfortable enough for his family. E-bikes provided an opportunity to expand his “biking footprint” and shrink his carbon footprint. He could, powered by his own pedaling, go farther, faster, and more comfortably than a standard bike, and in a way that was healthier, better for the environment, and pound-for-pound was a more effective and safe mode of transportation than the family car.


The bikes on the market were either prohibitively expensive with mediocre parts, or suspiciously cheap with parts that would wear out, fail while in use, or arrive malfunctioning out of the box. Paul became a man obsessed, regularly lamenting to his brother Long about how difficult it was to find a quality e-bike that was also affordable. Paul was replacing shoddy parts, playing a never ending game of “What will break next?” when it dawned on the brothers: They had become subject matter experts at this point. They knew where and how E-bikes were manufactured, they learned where corners were cut and numbers were fudged. Why wouldn’t they just build the entire vehicle themselves? That way they could assemble an e-bike that consisted of the highest quality parts, rigorously tested for safety and longevity, that were also affordable, functional and comfortable for the long haul.

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